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am a professionally trained and certified massage therapist working in New Jersey. I work out of a studio in Northern New Jersey, in a room that is devoted entirely to my massage.I do out calls in Manhattan to.... I have over five years experience, and a large roster of regular clients. The massage I offer is consistently strong, very detail oriented, and very high quality. If you are disappointed with the light touch that many massage therapists give, then the pressure I provide in my massage is what you are looking for. I take my time with everything, and use all my force and concentrated energy. I start with your upper body; neck, inside the muscles within your back, then do very thorough work on your shoulders, and precise work on your arms and hands. I then move to your legs where I do your glutes, thighs and calves, and then I end the session with your feet.Although few of my clients need it, I have a clean, hot shower for you if you would like to use it afterwards.
Massage by appointment only.

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