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he Ecstatic Embrace is a long, meditative hugging session (sorry, NOT massage). Beginning with a conversational check-in, followed by 90 minutes of continuous holding. It is done mostly laying down in a variety of positions, based on comfort and spontaneity. This practice draws on years of personal experience, coupled with research, that shows that adults need and benefit greatly from being held in a compassionate setting. produce lots of oxytocin (the emotional bonding chemical) and serotonin. The results are a deep sense of safety, well-being and openness. Both relaxing and energizing, this work is a powerful resource for well-being and human connection. It is an antidote for isolation, grief, depression and even can relieve physical pain.This is a professional practice. Participants wear light, comfortable clothing i.e. shorts and a t-shirt. Please read my reviews.

Centrally located in a comfortable, professional setting in Hollywood.

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