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nderstanding a man's needs and desires, I know a massage, a good massage, has key elements: comfort, confidence, and convenience. I provide all three! A male massage is about letting go, yielding to direction and guidance from a trusted, competent practitioner for the release of stress, and the tactile pleasure of intuitive touch. My gentle but authoritative tone and deportment provide the confidence in my clients for this relaxing, invigorating journey.

Upon arrival you'll know that you've chosen a man who TRULY cares about you and your experience. Nothing worse than spending the $ and time with a guy who considers you just a paycheck.

After initial greeting, I’ll instruct you to disrobe. The lighting and ambiance are conducive to comfort. I believe in giving an extraordinarily skilled massage, but I also believe that a great massage is about being comfortable!

Please be sure to check out the client testimonials written for all three massage categories. I am very proud of them!!

Ask about having one of my friends join us for a 4 handed massage!

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