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offer a perfect blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue and Gentle Stretching throughout my massage sessions. If you pefer, or need a specific technique or area targeted, I will certainly accommodate! I am strong enough to deliver firm pressure and yet sensitive enough to know how much to use. In addition to massage I am a barber and professional male groomer providing waxing and shaves to the male body
I welcome gay, straight, bi men of all shapes and sizes- young and older- doesn't matter! Everyone benefits from a great massage!
Touch is a very powerful force between M4M and I recognize the impact of a nurturing, tender technique. My focus, however, will always be to provide excellent, technical and thorough sessions that will make a real difference in my client's health and well-being.
Although gay, I am licensed and professional with professional equipment and skills. I have studios in Lincoln and Omaha!! Hope to see you there soon... Thanks

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