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o you ever have the feeling that your massage therapist wished you were twenty years younger and could be on the front of a fitness catalog?

Do you ever get the feeling that the massage you get is the same lifeless set of strokes your therapist gives everyone else? Or on the opposite end, that your therapist rushed through a mediocre massage?

You deserve better. It's the totality of the experience that counts

You deserve a massage from the Gentle Giant: a warm, caring, intuitive experience regardless of who you are and what you look like.

My name is Richard. Let my huge, sensitive, nurturing, healing hands show you what you've always looked for, but never quite found. I treat each client as a friend. I use a Swedish-based style of massage, but it is very intuitive. Each massage is customized to the clients' preferences and needs and special areas of tension are addressed individually. Massages are given in a warm quiet studio on a professional heated table with a comfortable, adjustable face cradle. Soft music, and low lighting create the perfect environment for maximum relaxation!

I understand the role of caring touch and how it can be effortlessly blended into a massage. It belongs there, after all. I understand that in our society, it's not "manly" to touch, or to feel the need to be touched, in a caring way. So many of us are craving this touch. We need it to be healthy, happy, and whole.

Men of color, bears and cubs, and older men are especially welcome on my table. Most ads seem to exclude them, and that's just wrong. Straight men who need the touch of another man are also welcome. I'm much stronger than your female therapist, and I have no judgments against the natural desire for m4m massage touch. I'm also happy to offer a student discount to those with a college ID.

Give yourself the chance to experience what my regular clients already know...massage from the Gentle Giant is unlike anything you've experienced before. This is truly an overwhelming, nurturing experience that will revolutionize the way you think about massage. There's so much bad out there. Isn't it time to try the good?

You're worth it. Call or email me today.

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