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--OPTimizing__MaSSaGe---* escape from overload, enjoy-rest-4-the-tired, refreshment-4-the-hurting, pleasuring-peace-4-the-too-busy, attention-4-the-neglected, and friend-4-the-lonely

Providing the best, most effective use of human touch therapy, combining affectionate care, science with healing art.

O - Occasionally overwhelmed?
P - Pain, problems or panic persist?
T - Tired of toxic trials & tribulations?
I - Is injury instigating ineffectiveness?
M - My massage makes misery merrier
I - Insist on instant relief
S - Serious same day satisfaction!
T - Take the time 2 heal thoroughly.
I - I invite individuals in isolation or illness 2
C - careful, cheerful, complete comfort & contentment.

J - Jay is short 4 Jamie my nickname 4 James
A - Always authentic and astonishingly altruistic
M - My massage modality is highly refined & developed
I - I apologize 4 changing phone #s...Please try me again
E - Extremely enthusiastic, educated and experienced.


From toddler to college I've always been
considered by others a loyal friend
Where I am from no one tells lies
I am who I am, without a disguise

I no longer worry about what anyone thinks
Recovered from vanity and 'thinking' that stinks
I was liberated from my darkest nightmare
Now compassion compels me and I long 2 share

With my massage no matter what the weather
Its my joy 2 help U feel instantly better

The Deluxe OPTimizing Massage Details:
Rest your mind and Ur body will follow. This 90 minute freefall from anxiety promises refreshment, radical regenerative rest, and a recess from damaged emotions, chronic pain and neglect.

Email him now or call (919) 792-8797