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our massage session can be an incredibly nurturing, relaxing, and pleasurable experience.

I specialize in energy healing and a complete range of bodywork. My sessions are intuitive and multi-dimensional, and my work is spiritually based. I practice and believe in the power of Loving and Conscious Touch. This type of touch, when experienced in a sacred space of respect, kindness, and authenticity, can be deeply healing as well as physically pleasurable and spiritually expansive.

A good massage will help you work through your injuries, tension, and stress. A GREAT massage can be an emotional and even a spiritual experience as you let go and submit to the healing process.

I will guide you on a path of self-love, starting with the acceptance of your body. I encourage you to allow yourself to let go and experience the deep joy, passion, and beauty that lies within you.

During your session, I will be focused on bringing your entire body into a blissful and peaceful state of being. As I touch and massage your body, my intention is to infuse you with Love, in a deeply relaxed context. I will use my gift of touch and healing to create a nurturing, heart centered, body and soul awakening experience just for you.

You are invited to experience a massage session with respectful and loving touch… within a safe and nurturing space where you can be received and appreciated.

All are welcome to inquire. I work primarily with those who are connected to their own bodies. Athletic types with a passion for a physical massage experience will find my technique particularly enjoyable and satisfying.

The massage session has Esalen and Lomi Lomi massage techniques integrated. There are also aspects of yoga integrated into the massage session. The massage is based on the ancient Taoist tradition (the Way of the Tao) of body healing. The massage session is NOT a “quick fix” massage. The context in which my work is performed is very different from the work of most other massage providers.

Massage sessions are scheduled in advance, same day sessions are rarely available.


New Clients $250 for 90 minutes

Existing Clients $200 for 90 minutes

$300 / 90 minutes SAME DAY SCHEDULING

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