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ax and Phillipe have been doing massage together for 8 years now, and have a wonderful flow....
We offer a unique blending of energies for a profound and satisfying massage session...
Let us take you on a journey through your senses, helping you to access your deepest wellbeing while stimulating healing and empowerment. We use a variety of bodywork modalities, pressures, and sensory techniques.

Imagine two sexy mature gay and bi men, in shape and in tune, making your experience the center of attention. Relax as we nurture and explore your muscles with care and intention, in a synchronistic flow, building in intensity that sends you back into your life refreshed and energized, glowing and vibrant...
We have 40 yrs training and experience between us, both in bodywork and counseling, and have been doing our thing together for 7 years . We are partners in life, and enjoy interacting with other men (or women), whether gay, straight, bisexual or other on the continuum, of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages. Our goal is to serve your needs, while respecting all of our boundaries for the best possible outcome.

The men in our client list report joy, intensity, fulfillment, and deep transformation as some of the qualities they leave with..

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