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ome see me before I fly away on January 28th! After that, will be back only next year. My beautiful luxury location is in the most convenient part of town... an oasis of peace and inspiration above the working city.

I hope you like my new pictures, as always, not photoshoped. See me just as I am right now, authentic, fresh and ready for you.

This is a unique gay male massage experience unlike anything you have experienced before. My sessions combine eastern philosophies (Shiatsu, Thai, Reiki) with a passionate personal approach that will leave all your being in balance for days.

I believe it is my vocation and my destiny to touch the ones who need it. My energy is always wholesome, non-toxic. I am a joyful man, and I love what I do very much.

Natural light, music, aromatherapy. I offer 1hour and 90minutes sessions! Dont forget to check my amazing reviews, and contact me with all your questions!

"Your massage is really different and special", "you are really working hard, you must be exhausted", "this is like a dance", "no masseur touched my body like this before"

See you soon!
Pierre :-)

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