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Please TEXT for an appt. emails are often missed.~ Massage/Bodywork for Men has been my lifelong passion and I am nearing 30 years of practice!!! (I did start very young...) By many standards, that makes me a Master of massage. My passion and belief in bodywork only continues to grow as the need for nurturing and the therapeutic benefits of massage continue to become ever more needed in today's world.

The webmaster's decision to delineate between relaxation and healing massages highlights that my massages have always integrated both aspects. I've always maintained that my massages are a great value because the experience is highly pleasurable and nurturing and allows an amazingly refreshing inner journey while also being a potent therapeutic treatment (I do have a Master's degree in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and incorporate that knowledge into the massage) that heals, resets the nervous system and relieves pain.

A distinguishing characteristic of my massage is that it is performed on a futon rather than a table. This is a huge advantage which allows for a wider range of techniques, pressures, organic body positions and assisted stretches. It is also easily adapted to a bed for hotel and home massages. While I still have a table, it stays in the closet because once clients try a futon massage it is preferred.

The massage is usually done without talking, performed to a great playlist of music on high-end speakers which really compliments the massage. I use heated massage lotion which feels very silky, is not oily and does not leave you feeling sticky. I seldom get requests for draping but am happy to use draping to whatever level you are comfortable with. A shower is available but seldom used.

In my studio, I also have a wonderful collection of Tibetan bowls which I start and end each session. Their coherent sound vibration induces an almost instant meditation-like state, helps balance the chakras and are overall an enjoyable experience.

I welcome nice guys of all ages, sizes, colors, persuasion, etc.

I am almost always available for same day appts (PLEASE TEXT). I am located in a safe, central location in Denver with free private parking. My studio is beautifully decorated, nicely warm in winter and cool in the summer and very comfortable all around. I have now invested in an AMETHYST BIOMAT that lies beneath the futon and emits powerful negative ions and deepens the massage experience exponentially. Many healthcare offices offer the amethyst biomat as a treatment for pain, detoxification, stress, depression, etc.. all on it's own charging $40 an hour to just lie on it. I am including it in all my massages for free. For more information search for RICHWAY AMETHYST BIOMAT

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