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en need to be touched!

I've been massaging men for nine years. I am serious about giving a thorough therapeutic massage. My sessions are about 80% pure therapeutic massage and 20% customized touch. I am quite adept at discerning, from verbal and nonverbal cues, the level of pressure needed by the man on my table. I am very resourceful and use all the tools at my disposal: fingers, palms, heel of the hand, forearms, elbows, knees. I instinctively know when to use pressure point work or broader strokes.

My dance background profoundly informs my massage practice ie., use of my center of gravity to apply pressure, many and varied ways to be in physical contact with another person etc. This results in a particularly dynamic interaction in which strokes, unique to any given session, always occur. As a personal trainer, I know how muscles work and know how to return them from a state of stress to ease.

I treat men with kindness and respect, and I always get that back. I get real joy out of helping men feel good!

I welcome all men to my table, whether you are gay or straight (or somewhere in between, like most of us), regardless of your age or body type or appearance. I celebrate the male body in all its forms and there are no judgements on my massage table. Check out my reviews to see what my clients are saying about the experience.

I only travel within Manhattan for out calls.

Hope you're day is going well and that we can see each other soon!

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