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therapeutic session by me will consist of a very well designed, professional grade routine that combines a wide variety of strokes, stretches, range of motions and tractions. Everything needed to make a bodywork stand out.
I will choose the right techniques, with the right pressure at the right speed on the right spots to address my client's needs. My massage will make you feel relaxed, relieved and stress free.
I specialize in relieving athetic injuries, muscle tension and tight joints.
The massage room is completely dark. A few lit tea candles along with soft music and my positive energy will create a soothing atmosphere for you to escape the outer world and enjoy your time at my little temple.
I will make sure that when it's time for you to go, you will be relaxed, relieved, happy and ready to go back to your day with a more positive attitude.
My facilities include a very nice and clean bathroom where you can shower.
Thanks for checking me out. It will be my pleasure to perform a therapeutic body work on you!!

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