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o eminently master the virtuosity of Holistic Healing Massage, the effector requires more than training and experience. The spiritual gift of "The Touch" united with a deep & sincere yen for divine blessings and a wondrous overall well-being are imperative. It is the masseur who embodies the qualities of peace, equitableness and genuinely exhibits good will toward those he serves, that will deliver true therapy and reach the apex of accomplishment in his craft and deserve to be called the Big Kahuna of Massage.

Experience stress free bliss and relaxation with my massage techniques that range from a caressing touch to a deep tissue treatment. Refresh your mind and body in my private sanctuary with soft soothing music. The splendiferous massage that you experience make you melt into the table.

Oil will be used by default, but if you prefer lotion it is available upon request. I feel that oil is warmer than lotions which tend to have a cooling effect on the body.

The shower is available to you after the massage as well as before. I always set out clean towels and washcloth for your use.

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