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Great personality, very friendly and dedicated to the art of healing and pampering through massage therapy. Emilio's touch is firm and warm and his techique is impeccable".
I specialize in men massage combined with loomi loomi and Swedish therapy, gymnastics and pressure points . This combo is normally applied in a 60 minutes full body male massage, but if you would like to take advantage of my experience, booking 90 minutes of male massage, will give me the time to work in detail on the sole of your feet with reflexology targeting any specific muscle or joint sore or disconfort, nothing better than a deep foot massage to enhance the whole experience and feel renovated, he will then finish the session with some streching from Sports massage.
I am a NJ licensed massage therapist with the experience and willingness to make you feel renovated and energized. Sometimes the therapy is complemented with Tibetan singing bowls for re-charging energies and a home made spice ginger tea.

Private parking is available on request with some advance notice.

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