Special: 90mins $115 (60mins $85)

Special: 90mins $115 (60mins $85)

Based in Los Angeles

In-studio & mobile services

Starting at $85

midnight - midnight every day

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu & 3 other techniques


▪️ The Experience ▪️
Whether suffering from specific aches & pains, jet-lag, work-induced stressed, travel fatigue, fitness related soreness or just seeking a new way to relax & unwind massage is an essential part of any health & wellness routine. Massage stimulates the nervous system which aids in digestion, detoxifies the body by bringing oxygen rich blood to vital organs & muscles, encourages the nerves to rest and resets the mind & body. With the right massage... any day can become a mini staycation that melts the stress away.
Through the years working in massage I have developed my own result-oriented experience & techniques to maximize all of the health & stress releasing benefits of bodywork in whatever amount of time available.
A huge part of maximizing the stress releasing benefits of a massage is creating a sanctuary of relaxation that sets the mood. Oxygen, aroma, environment can all play a key part in how the mind & body reacts to pressure on nerves and muscles.
Technique is very important. But many masseuses rush & forget about all the other aspects that set the mood for a session. Thats why one of the first things I do when preparing for a session is draw on my extensive bodywork experience to make sure everything is perfect & the energy is right. Including my own. One of the things most valued about my massage is that I actually take the time to put the person at ease & prepare their body & muscles so they’ll be fully receptive to receiving as many benefits as possible form the experience. The difference between a rushed massage & one that takes the time to set the muscles can be transformational & have lasting effects of deep inner harmony that last for weeks. Thats why I designed my style to be a fully well rounded massage that doesn’t just relax & release the muscles but is also uplifting & energy healing for the body & the mind.

▪️ The Massage ▪️
My bodywork treatment is completely customizable. I offer several different styles of massage therapy & professional bodywork.
But what I’m most valued for is my own unique massage experience that is a combination of Swedish, Thai, Deep Tissue, Sports Massage & other body healing techniques I’ve learned along the way.
Once you arrive to my clean conveniently located studio I will offer you a drink & make sure you’re feeling fully comfortable. Many clients are nervous, new or just want to catch up so I don’t mind having a conversation or getting to know each other before we start. Once on the table the real relaxation begins. Starting with a soothing foot massage with long deep breaths to pump oxygen into the blood, immediately beginning to lower blood pressure, release pleasurable & pain reliving endorphins and relaxing tension making the muscles more flexible. Then the ritual proceeds to the relaxing mind-unwinding full-body massage starting with the calfs. Initially using an extremely relaxing and slow tender touch with gentle deep compression work evolving into circular strokes that bring oxygen to the muscles. I then gradually increase pressure & rhythm. Using my own muscles & strength to rigorously work out any tension or knots I come upon. Eventually thoroughly working upward through every muscles group on the backside of the body before finishing on the front. Whether you prefer pressure that is soothing & comfortable, deep & firm, or my own personal blend I’m experienced & have cultivated my style enough to adapt & accommodate any preference. It’s my job to ensure you’re getting the quality effective experience you deserve.

▪️ The Studio ▪️
My massage studio is conveniently located in Studio City near the 101 & the Hollywood Hills. The neighborhood is clean, safe, discrete & friendly. And there is ample parking on the street out front, no permit needed.
My private & clean massage studio includes a brand new full sized professional quality adjustable massage table, a sequence of relaxation music that will allow you to drift into pure bliss, a private shower, aromatherapy candles, water & beverages, quality organic non scented absorbable creams & lotions, and fresh clean towels & linens. Before each session I do everything I can to ensure the studio has the perfect peaceful atmosphere that will relax you & make you feel at home.

▪️ Details ▪️
Located in Studio City, Ca.
Phone: 310.730.8732
60 minutes: $85
90 minutes: $125

The fastest way to contact me & book a session is through TEXT.
If you have any questions I haven’t answered don’t be afraid to text or message me.
There are a couple steps to enter my studio so it is not wheelchair accessible.
Cash only at the moment.


Based near: Moorpark St & Coldwater Canyon Los Angeles, CA 91604 Mobile services within 5 miles

In-studio 60 min. $85
  90 min. $125

Mobile 60 min. $95
  125 min. $135

  • Cash accepted
  • 10% off on Mondays
  • Discounts available for military veterans, active military

Week of April 15: 90mins $115

About him

I’m just a normal dude who likes to make a positive impact in people’s everyday life. I’m 6ft1 26 years old. I’ve done massage for nearly 10 years now. Ever since I got my first job working at a spa as a teenager. Since then I’ve been educated & certified in a wide range of bodywork.
As a former athlete who had regular massage treatments weekly... I’ve always understood how important regular massages can be. Not only for your body but your outlook on life. A massage with the right technique can put you in another world & refuel your mind, energy & optimism.
That's why when I started doing massage I set out to create a spa quality experience at a price affordable enough to become a regular part of anyones health & wellness routine.
I love meeting & getting to know new people. I’m not a judgmental or superficial person. I’m friendly & understanding of all types. I’m told I have a very “relaxing” “chill” “calming” touch & personality that helps put people at ease. Especially nervous first time clients.

Additional info

Techniques: Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Sports, Swedish, Thai

In-studio amenities: Shower, Bottled Water, Massage Table, Heated Massage Table, Private Restroom, Drinking Water, Free Parking, Hot Towels, Music, Candles

Mobile extras: Candles, Music, Hot Towels, Heated Massage Table, Massage Table

Affiliations: American College of Sports Medicine


Sept. 2008 - June 2009

Athletic Massage Therapy

NHI, New York, NY