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ey there! I’m Eli.
I’m relaxed & chill “normal kind of guy”. I definitely believe that having a relaxing energy about you is very important for massage. I’ve been told that the relaxed atmosphere I create really helps people open up. Especially if you are new to this massage & feel nervous. I have a lot of clients who like to chill & even have a drink before a massage which I’m totally cool with. I enjoy getting to know new people.

I’m a former soccer player from school/all around sports enthusiast. But four years ago after leaving soccer full time I started studying Sports Massage & Muscle Therapy.
And recently over the past 2 years I started specializing in stretching and relaxing the important muscles.
I realized to create a long lasting therapeutic massage you need to relieve stress mentally and physically. I always love creating a real & unique connection. So I started using my love for people and the human body to develop a massage that will leave a long lasting therapeutic effect on the muscles & body.

Part of technique is catering the massage to each person specifically. I work head to toe & as well as listen to what you’d prefer get more attention than others.
I have a range of methods that I like to use for this from a deep & powerful to a light, relaxing. All interchangeable depending on what you prefer for specific muscles or the session in general.

I'm often told my touch is very sincere. I think it's because I really genuinely love connecting with people no matter age, race, shape.

Last minute sessions are always welcome. But scheduling ahead is always the safest way to ensure I’m available for a session.
Texting is always the fastest method to contact me.

If you want to set something up or have any questions just shoot me a text or email:
(310) 730-8732.

Hope to see you soon.

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