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o me the male body is beautiful; I love making it feel really good. I combine conscious, relaxed breathing with intuitive bodywork and energy work. A relaxing synthesis of shiatsu, Swedish, and deep muscular work removes stress and completely renews the body.

You may be str8, bi, gay, curious, or even better, undefined. You will experience the ultimate caring massage for a man.

The massage experience is customized for each client. Men carry tension in certain key areas that are often ignored by many masseurs, e.g. sides of the upper butt, inner thighs, and abdomen. I specialize in working on the abdomen from the perspective of Oriental medicine, shiatsu, and acupressure.

The session sometimes begins with a guided meditation or hypnotic induction to relax you completely and make you open and receptive.

You may intensify your experience with Body Electric conscious breathing. If you have sufficient experience with yoga or bio-energetics, more advanced techniques may be included as part of the session.

My many levels of therapeutic experience and Hawai’ian energy often lead to unintended emotional healing.

I also offer four handed massage with my colleague, Brad, masseurfinder.com/members/bradagaw.... 24 hours notice is required for this service.

Bright, personable, and highly educated, I am a tour guide to sacred sites on Maui, Hawai'i as well.

I work out of a great venue, The Ruby Tree in Woodbury CT. Mondays and Thursdays are especially good for sessions in Woodbury. I also have a professional office space in Naugatuck CT. The best way to contact me is via text from 7am to 9pm: 808 495 5837.

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