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y goal is to nurture and release tension with my male massage.
Understanding that everyone's lifestyle and stress levels are different, I am able to take my 5+ years of experience to tailor the massage to your specific needs.

I incorporate different modalites in my work:

Swedish-Deep Breathing and fluid effleurage over the muscles with stretching. Pressure can be light to a firm medium.

Sports- Petrissage/Kneading on the Glutes/Legs with focus on the IT band and calves. I've had my sports massage compared to a fluid physical therapy session as I combine stretchimg and massage simultaneously.

Deep Tissue- Generally a more intense session with deep preessure along tight muscles and knots found. I combine the use of hot towels (at times hot stones) with my massage to pacify agitated areas as well as soothe muscles worked on.

I understand and respect discretion with my work.

Please email me at davidsims. lmt@gmail. com
Text 347-903-9451

I will respond between clients as soon as possible.

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