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look forward to welcoming all men who are interested in m4m massage to my practice. I love the male body and look forward to treating yours with profound reverence. It is my pleasure to do this work. Please see my reviews.

Expect a massage customized to meet your needs. During a brief consultation I will take note of your preferences, medical issues, and any areas that need special attention or that you want me to avoid. How are you feeling physically? Emotionally? Where do you need to be touched? We will set an intention for the session. I also encourage feed-back during the work. Communication is essential for a great massage. Expect an individualized full-body massage that incorporates a blend of techniques including Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Stretching.

Massage promotes physical and emotional balance. My work encourages a positive body awareness, and a sense of perspective and clarity. I will give you an experience that will inspire you to continue striving toward holistic wellness.

I create a warm, relaxing atmosphere with music and soft lighting. I work with a professional massage table, massage oils, and fresh linens.

A shower is available. If you want to shower, I recommend doing so before your treatment, instead of after, so you allow your skin to fully benefit from the luxurious oils. Salt scrubs are also available for an additional $35.

Hey Men! THAI MASSAGE NOW AVAILABLE. Thai massage is performed on a floor mat with both giver and receiver wearing loose or stretchy, comfortable clothing (pajamas or athletic wear). No oil is used. The giver uses hands, feet, knees, or elbows for compression and also takes the receiver through a series of stretches or yoga-like postures. Thai massage is considered body-work and energy work. It is deeply healing. It affects the entire being: the physical and spiritual. It is a meditative dance. We will work in all four positions: supine, side-lying, prone, and seated. The treatment takes about ninety minutes to two hours.

It is always best to book in advance (I appreciate at least 24 hours) but sometimes same day appointments are available.

I do not accept calls from blocked numbers.

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