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y work is for those looking for powerful healing and a partner in your well being of mind body heart and soul. My focus is contributing to you in a way that lasts a lifetime. Having done bodywork for over 18 yrs now, I am extensively skilled. Whether seeking relief for a chronic pain, looking to connect with your inner peace, or wanting to relax, you will find a lasting impact that permeates your being.

The space you will enter with me is very different from other practitioners. I offer a deeper level of intimacy, without erotcism. Drawing that line creates a safe space for you to receive and connect more deeply, going up to that line without crossing it and bringing the power of intimacy to it's fullest healing potential.

Male or female, straight or gay, my arms and hands are open to you. You will find love, safety, and nurturing acceptance.

For my bodywork, I draw from a wide palette of Deep Tissue, Thai, Reflexology, visualization, chakra energy work and soulcoaching. Your session is customized according to what you are looking for and what I intuitively feel will benefit you most.

When I combine these, a fusion of unlimited combinations unfold, easily delving into 2 and even 3 hours of powerful body and soulwork. Clients confirm time and time again that these longer sessions access the ultimate journey of exploration into body, mind, and spirit.

My downtown office has free parking and easy access from 240.

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