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Looking to heal mind, body, heart, and soul? You have honestly found one of the most extensively skilled therapists you will ever find, one who has over 19 years of experience. Whether seeking healing work, massage for chronic pain relief, or connection with your inner peace, I am your access and partner in health and well-being.

Male or female, straight or gay, with chronic issues or weight problems, my arms are open to you. You will find love, safety, and acceptance. Have special needs? I have worked with hundreds of people with many different body types, personalities, and issues. I am here for you.

I draw from a wide palette of approaches, including Deep Tissue, Thai, Reflexology, visualization, chakra energy work and Soulcoaching. Your session is customized according to what you are looking for and what I intuitively feel will benefit you most. You'll notice I offer 2 and even 3 hour sessions, something you will rarely see offered anywhere.

My office is downtown, with free parking and easy access from 240.


US$120.00 for 60 minutes
US$150.00 for 90 minutes
US$220.00 for 120 minutes
US$330.00 for 180 minutes


US$155.00 for 60 minutes
US$185.00 for 90 minutes
US$255.00 for 120 minutes
US$355.00 for 180 minutes

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