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eward Yourself, your tired or sore muscles ,with an Invigorating, Refreshing, and Revitalizing Full Body Massage !! Try the Experienced Hands and Intuitive Touch of an Easy Going Therapist with the Right Attitude.

AVAILABLE for Sessions 7 DAYS a week from 7 AM until midnight.

Many of us spend long hours at the computer or desk. Additionally, few of us have or want to take the time to properly stretch our muscles every day. This results in tension that is compounded by day to day stress. Massage affords an escape from all the work, frustrations and " traffic" that we each encounter everyday in commute, at home and at work.

Through the years I have developed a successful blend of the various Massage Techniques and Therapies.
I believe combinations of Trigger Point, Shiatsu, and Swedish Techniques affords the best of each and allows a Client the ability to relax in a more varied approach. Just like no two Clients are alike, neither should the technique be the same. Each session offers a different set of potential tension concerns. Through the years I have developed an intuitive touch, which when added to verbal discussion, zeroes in on what each session goal should be. Clients of all ages, professions, and locations have used and continue to use my services.

I am gratified by the wide cross section of Gay, Bi and Straight men who come back as repeat clients. I believe that each Client is unique, and offers specific needs. I strive to tailor each massage to the Individual needs of the Client.

The goal after every massage session, is to leave you feeling Refreshed, Relaxed, and Content. If you ask yourself after the experience : " Why haven't I done this before ! " then I have done My job . My Goal with any First Time Client is always to gain their Trust and Satisfaction.

It's always a great reward to have a curious Client leave a session having a revitalized Experience. Repeat clients don't just happen, they are Earned!

My Sessions serve as an escape and retreating experience. Open communication is encouraged in a comfortable surrounding that is discreet. Results are better achieved when Clients freely express their needs and goals of a session.
Specific Goals of any session always INCLUDE the unlocking of tension build-up in muscle tissue.

*** Note *** 10% Discount on Tuesdays.

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