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elcome and thank you for checking out my massage services and hoping you come by and spend some quality massage time with me. I'm very open to all body types and enjoy massaging gay, bi and straight men. I'm open, kind and considerate and sensitive and respectful to your body. I want you to breath in and breath out and completely relax while you are on the massage table. I have strong hands and can manipulate the right amount of pressure to your body to make you feel great and you will feel the stress and tension leaving your body. By feeling relaxed and comfortable you can open up and allow your body to let go and relax so the massage time can feel euphoric. Call me if you like for direct scheduling or email or text if that is easier and more convenient for you. I'm looking very forward to spending time massaging you. My healing touch is waiting for you to come see me. I am very respectful and open to massaging all body types focusing on your health issues for complete well being. This time is your time to let go and focus on wonderful health. Massage through touch is healing and therapeutic. Come see me today!

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