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'm trained in the ancient Taoist art of Healing Love, where I will awaken and circulate your masculine energy - or "chi" - through your entire body to melt physical tension, release emotion blockages, and ultimately heal and rejuvenate your body and soul.

The session is broken down into three parts:
* A 15-minute hands-on tutorial on how your body generates and circulates energy through your meridians.
* A 75-minute Thai Floor Massage, performed on a comfortable futon. I use my hands, elbows and feet to provide a relaxing deep tissue massage to unblock your energy meridians.
* A final 30-minutes of Healing Love where I will guide your energy upward to your brain for a truly cosmic and potentially transcendental experience.

I am located right by the Christopher St. station of the #1 train, and a block from the West 4th St. subway station.

I use high-grade, organic extra-virign coconut oil for the massage, augmented with essential oils for aromatherapy. Candles, music and fresh sheets and towels make this a truly comfortable and relaxing experience. There is a shower with nice soaps and shampoos for pre and post massage.

• Couples welcome
• Discounts for students, police, fire, military, SAG/Equity/AGMA


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DECEMBER 2016/JANUARY 2017 - Sorry but no availability as I'm back at my "other job."

FEB 1 - FEB 23 2017 - limited daytime availability Mon-Fri 10AM-5PM.

[NYC ONLY] ADD AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS FOR $100. I have a partner who can join the massage for the final hour, doubling the pleasure for a truly amazing experience.

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