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have spent 14 yrs. of hands on experience complimented by formal training offering my M4M massage, bodywork and self-image services. I reach out to ALL men who identify themselves as gay, bi, straight, republicans, democrats,. I seek no specific age, body type, or personalities nor do I preclude your appearance on the outside with judgments of your inside. I revel and know your presence; whoever or whatever you are... in some way will enrich my day or life.
What makes me special other than my handsome mug and healthy body that my pictures display? Well, I have always had this natural, intuitive, healing touch about me. The ability to look into another’s eyes and see, feel and understand more than the average person. The responsibility of this gift brought me to places that made kindness & being supportive transform into an natural ability to heal.
I gladly look forward to meeting & working with you soon!

Namaste, Dante

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