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'm from a small town in Texas,. I'm Half Korean-half white. I have a very unique touch, so I'm told. I use a variety of techniques, ranging from Swedish-to deep tissue-to nerve strokes. You can let me know what you like bests for your personalized male massage. I'm a therapist that thrives off feedback. Every massage is customized depending on many factors. I've been licensed for 12 years. I hope you set up an appointment with me and see how much a M4M can be beneficial to your well-being and stress level. Come and enjoy a calm, welcoming, non-threatening environment, and just let all your stress melt away. I'd love to be the man that helps you get away from the stress of life, at least for an hour,.at least.... Thank you guys again and hope you call/text about setting up your personalized M4M massage session.

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