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isiting D.C. this week!
After a lifetime of receiving, training, and practicing massage, I am still enjoying my work! The men I have on my table are teaching me everyday, and I love what I do...If you come to me for a massage, I promise you the best of me. You will have my full focus and attention, cleanliness and professionalism as well as a welcoming smile and a curious mind.
The session will be tailored to your needs while honouring your limitations as to depth of pressure, using a wide variety of massage styles and sensory techniques.
I love working with men of all inclinations, whether gay, bi, straight or questioning, as well as all body types, races and ages.
I also offer an amazing 4 Hands Massage with my partner Max, when we are traveling together,
as well as Intimacy and Relationship Coaching for the man who knows what is missing in his life.

Discounted rates available to Local Asheville residents.
Please ask to see my massage video!

My clients have called my work "transformational" and "inspired".... My empathic gifts join with my extensive skill set to serve my clients in the perfect way.
Think of me as your Coach!

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