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ome see the one and only man with three and a half stars here, the one and only Come see the oldest man on this site, none older. Come see the funniest man on this site as well. Oh and along with that, the best massage on this here planet Father does not get older just a whole lot better!!!

Having been here now for five years, I use various postings, etc The favorite though would be my commandments. So they have returned. Please read, chuckle a tad, and then set up a session

Thou shall not be stingy, remember frugal ness is not a virtue

Thou shall cleanse EVERYWHERE before a ses

Thou may use a restricted number when calling, if you must, but I will not pick up!! Restricted numbers lead to nowhere!!!

Thou does not need to inquire as to the gratuity, it is listed right here!!

Father does rub best, so my clients as well as friends tell me. Five years on this site says something men, other have come and gone, but men I am still here, and better than ever! My sessions are still geared to your comfort level, ask and it will be yours. Some enjoy super light touch, where others request deep tissue. It has been said never the twain shall meet, WRONG, I intermingle both into the session. Guys, come and see and enjoy what I am capable of

I now guarantee my massages. You are not satisfied, then leave nothing. I say that because I am that good. Come and see just how much

So gents, now is the time ring me!.

Email him now or call