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ello dear sirs! If you're in need of a massage that banishes stiffness and pain, a massage that unwinds, calms, and heals, then you've come to the right place. My name is Kyle. I am a certified massage therapist who enjoys working with the male body, and over the past several years I've done just that!

A male centered therapeutic massage with me means nurturing, healing, and uplifting manual therapy custom designed for your body. I am very attuned to pressure range and how your muscles respond to my bodywork. I use a seamless blend of Swedish/ deep tissue, Thai massage, and acupressure. This winning combination without exception has wowed each and every one of my clients! It creates flow and diversity of technique that avoids the monotony of the same boring strokes. In addition, with Thai massage there is the inclusion of gentle yet effective assisted stretches to help increase flexibility and open up constriction, making the effects of each session last longer and leaves you feeling great!

I cordially invite you to step into relaxation and go beyond!

* $10 off discounts for 1st time clients

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