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assage is incredible when it's done by an intuitive practitioner because we look at you, the client, as a dynamic person, ever changing. That means the problems or the way your body presents itself today is not necessarily how it will look in the future. As an intuitive masseur I read your body's issues and respond to it accordingly. I have many modalities of healing therapies to call upon during a session so that you end up feeling like a million bucks when you leave my table.

I use a total body orientation because your body is not compartmentalized like pigeon holes at the post office, it is one dynamic connected muscular system from top to bottom. Your face, hands, feet, gluts, thighs are just as important as the other of your body and should not be avoided or excluded unless you ask for that exclusion.

Because I’m both a body-worker and an energy worker I use many of these talents in combination as needed.

My TRI-FECTA Approach using Massage, Reiki & Reflexology Will Redefine Excellence and Blow You Away.
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Additional information available upon request………..
. Intuitive body-worker & energy worker with more than 23 years’ experience
. Reiki master 3rd level
. Medical tech & rep. For MediConsult / Swiss Bionics magnetic resonance systems
. L.O.A. life coach aka empowerment training personal growth ideologies
. Living from your highest brain functioning with on-demand performance
. Over 60 testimonials from people like you wanting the best of all worlds
. Detailed content of services listed below or upon request
. Insurance based work options with chiropractic Dr. and combination programs
. Bio and ideologies
. My wellness center info & rapid response notes
. Other healing practitioners & informational seminars
. Specials and notes
Additional information below

Body work numerous techniques
Deep Tissue, Swedish, Lomi-Lomi, Myofascial, Trigger Point, Reflexology, etc..
Energy work:
Reiki, PEMF, iMRS, LOA, HBL, Medical Intuitive Dr or Healer on staff, Matrix energy points, Accupressure, Cranial Facial, Reflexology
Life Coaching
Abused child recovery
Inversion table therapy
Hand and Foot massage…. One of our specialties
4 handed bliss
Group sessions
Couples work
Combination therapies
• Enhance body awareness
• Identify problem areas before they develop into injuries
• Remove trigger points formed as a result of an injury
• Relax and stretch muscles
• Improve range of motion
• Restore suppleness and elasticity
• Relieve pain and stress
• Free muscle adhesions and soften scar tissue caused by injury or overuse
• Improve circulation and oxygen supplied
• Flush out toxins that cause muscle stiffness and soreness
• Relax the body and mind
• Better Sleep
• Speed recovery and healing from exertion or athletic performance
• Optimized PERFORMANCE……..Why carry your soreness and stiffness from your last workout with you? Why not take measures to speed your recovery from your exertion so you can reach a higher level in your performance and build rate by using massage and magnetic resonance stimulation post workout. Using the iMRS HEALTH System.
Compelling reasons or issues to use PEMF / iMRS work
Headaches and Migraines
Body aches and injuries
Tension and stress related issues
Repeated cell phone or computer use causes immune interference's. Anything that plugs into an outlet offers electromagnetic fields effects outside the usable range of .05hz - 35hz (everything electrical is based on a 60hz system )
Diabetic Ulcers and Wounds not Healing
Bone Breaks and Fractures, Torn Tendon & Muscles
Immune function
Improved Oxygenation
Sleep Disorders
Pain Management
Improved Energy Levels
Improved Metabolic function
Fighting of Needless Aging OR Reversal of Premature Aging
Athletic Performance Enhancement & Fastest Recovery Rates
Rehabilitation Recovery Rates increase exponentially vs normal rates or recovery
Home and medical systems available for sale. Ask for details.
Animals love and need energy medicine too... I will also treat your dog's injury with magnetic resonance therapy to speed up the recovery or manage pain.


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