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am specialize in the traditional Thai massage, which is the combination of Shiatsu, Yoga and acupressure. Traditional Thai massage aims to clear the blockages in the energy meridians of the body, by applying a healing touch to the affected pressure points. Once these blockages are removed, energy flows freely through out the body and this leads to relief from ailments and overall improvement in physical and mental health. The technique of soft touching and stretching also frees the tension in the limbs and muscles, bringing about pain relief and improved flexibility. The massage is administered on a mattress kept on the floor. You wear a comfort dress and lies down on the mat. I will then follow a predetermined sequence of massage steps that involve the use of hands, elbows and feet. A number of technique such as soft pressure, pulling fingers and toes, walking on your back and gentle stretching are used to free the blockages in these meridians. It promotes an increase in the energy, removes stress to help calm the mind and the body. The soft physical pressure and stretching techniques bring about pain relief, relieve muscular tension and increase the flexibility of the muscles and limbs. It also helps by harmonizing imbalances in the nervous system, improves blood and lymph circulation.This holistic approach ensures that you enter a state of deep relaxation and a carries forward a refreshed spirit.

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