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. This Massage is crafted for Men who are Spiritual, Spiritually Awakening or Spiritually Curious.

I am an intuitive Healer that works with Kundalini Energy, Reiki, Chi, Chanting Tones, and Crystals. I am able to feel and perceive energy around a person as well as clear out their negative energy. I am able to see energy, auras, angels. I am very connected to Michael the Archangel and the other Archangels and am able to hear the Angel Choirs.

Energy Healing will release the symptoms by curing the cause of the ailment. It can be applied to any area of your body and your life; from health to finances, relationships, and emotions. Career existing or changing, Home owning or buying. This will release small aspects of your soul by releasing stored emotions in your body that have been hidden or protected.

This massage is good for men who wish to:

-Connect with their Angels or Spirit Guides
-Ground to the Earth
-Clear negative and stagnant energy
-Open their third eye
-Learn to use the Laws of Attraction to Manifest goals and dreams or a partner into their life
-Feel connected to all the energy around in people, Mother Nature and the Universe
-Heal emotional scars
-Have Chakra clearing and balancing
-Connect with the healing properties of Crystals
-Connect with the healing properties of tones and music

I have a clean, private massage room. The safe atmosphere is enhanced with soothing music, candles and aromatherapy through incense and essential oils. I also have a clean guest bathroom with shower available.

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