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y name is Johnathon and I am a gay massage therapist and vibrational physician. I perform massage with unconditional love for each client and with crystal clear intentions of healing your being for the highest of all good. There are boundless effects of my touch! As I perform massage we heal together as one! The energy work and breath work done during the massage will anchor in levels of pure unfiltered vibrant universal energy. This translates to an unlimited potential of healing of all aspects of self both physical and non-physical. I more than enjoy doing this type of work because I am beyond deeply passionate about it and it is pure ecstasy to me when two beings come together with intentions of healing! Your mind, body, and soul crave the light/love that has been dormant within you hiding just under your ego. Gay men of all body types are welcome! You can be or in your underwear, and even draping is optional for your comfort. I use a high quality professional table and a shower is available for you as well. This form of therapy is meant to ignite your love of self and absolve any and all types of disharmonious matter within your being. Lets clear those stagnant energies/patterns together!

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