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give a caring therapeutic relaxing massage, filled with gentle healing strokes that will surely wipe your stress away. I like to focus on a healing connection type of massage that will take care of your tired muscles as well as your weary soul. Most of my clients are gay, but I'm happy on working with both genders and accepting of whatever your sexual preferences are. This is your time to come and relax and close the door on all the stress you deal with an a daily basis.

I make sure my clients male or female are well taken care of as soon as they cross the threshold and give them a slice of paradise that they can retreat to in order to take on the rest of the world. You will enjoy this retreat as I visit each zone of your body purging the toxins out and helping you feel revitalized! My ultimate goal is to leave you completely satisfied and help you balance your mind, body and spirit so that you are a much more centered, peaceful, strong and happy human being!

There is so much to be said about healing touch and I give special emphasis on helping you feel cared for as I work on you. My clients gay or strait come back again and again because they know that what they are getting will help them feel relaxed and reduce stress. Minimal draping, as I want you to be just as you are-- whatever that looks like. Be free and live freely is my motto. Too many of us are weighed down from the stress and expectations of the world and my healing touch will offer you a refuge from the storm. I do hope to see you soon!

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