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ew York City!

I am so happy to be here! It’s been a dream long awaited, and now that I’m here I can’t wait to share my light and my healing touch with all of you!

Since I was very young, I have always loved touch and physical closeness. I can remember even in preschool being kept awake during nap-time to give the teachers shoulder rubs in exchange for candy! While still in college in Nebraska, I befriended and did a casual apprenticeship with a massage therapist, and soon knew for certain that this was indeed a passion and a calling! When I took a big trip to Thailand then, about three years ago, I became especially fascinated with the ancient practices of Thai medicine, the unique techniques and body mechanics that allowed a 4 foot pregnant woman to fold me in half backwards with so little effort. I soon moved to Chicago and enrolled in one of the country’s top Thai bodywork schools there, where I studied for almost two years to receive my certification. I still try to receive treatments from other modalities on a regular basis and am continually adding to my knowledge of anatomy and all the ways of bringing relaxation and rejuvenation to the body and spirit through massage.

In my practice, the frame of the massage is usually Thai-style, with other modalities integrated throughout. I work on a mat on the floor, which allows more range of motion and more proximity for me to be under a limb or directly over you while I’m working. This also allows for one of the best things about Thai massage, which is the different treatment positions! A typical Western style massage is only face down or face up, but in Thai there is opportunity for side-lying position or even seated position, which can give better access to certain muscle groups for working and stretching. I find when I receive a western style oil rub massage, I find myself almost counting strokes, anticipating what’s coming next as the repetitive motion glazes over everything with those general, slippery swipes. The way I practice massage, you really never know what’s coming next, which not only allows your mind to truly surrender to the experience, but also means you will probably have areas worked and deep muscles stretched in ways you’ve never experienced in another massage. I strive to provide a massage experience that is totally unique, supremely healing and completely, unconditionally loving.

It is in that last regard why I, as a gay man, especially love to work on other gay men in my practice. I believe there is a special indefinable connection between gay males that transcends generations and cultures, and that these bonds should be nurtured and strengthened, for our own benefit and for the benefit of society in general! And gay massage is a great way to start! I am also all-too-well aware of the suppression and suffering that has gone into a lot of our life experiences, and so I feel fortunate and honored to help men of all age, shape and size to feel truly comfortable in their bodies and truly appreciated and accepted for who they are. I am a spiritual person, and I know for a certainty that the work I do is healing the body and mind, as well as the soul. This is massage and therapy and yoga and friendship all rolled into one:)

I hope to hear from you soon!


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