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y massage combines the modality of deep tissue massage with sports massage. Through both of these techniques I aim to bring my clients an experience that not only realigns, but also relaxes and revives soar muscles. I have studied under massage therapists who care deeply about both the importance of physical adjustment as well as a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

My massage is available to all types of men. Straight, Gay or Bi, this massage is meant for anyone who is physically active and is seeking out restoration and relaxation. I believe that all men deserve relaxing and thoughtful touch. We all have stressful and tense lives. With proper self care and rejuvenating massage like mine, I believe we can all have bodies that last for decades.

Massages can range from 60-90 minutes and start with long steady Swedish style movements. I typically use gentle pressure in the beginning, slowly building up to a more firm deep tissue massage and incorporate Sports and Thai massage styles, moving and manipulating the body.

I have a wide range of pressure and intensity, working out those hard knots or using soft techniques to help relax and restore tired bodies. This massage is meant to restore and promote strength and wellness. Boundaries are very important to me and they will be clear and respected. Please let me know of any injuries or physical aches and pains prior to the massage. Clear communication is highly important to me in order to deliver the experience you need.

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