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itting behind a desk for many years was never my idea of a career. I viewed it as a job. I became a massage therapist to make a good impact on other lives. I love serving my community. Out of all the different avenues of my massage business, I love traveling to my clients location and offering out call massages. To be competitive in the massage industry, I offer "On Demand" out call massage appointments. This means I can accommodate out call appointments as earlier as a couple of hours notice. In my massage business I enjoy helping my male clients feel great! Most of my clients are men. A man typically has more strength which means they can give more depth and pressure during a massage. To make your massage enjoyable and effective, I ask many questions to understand you better so that after I leave, you are feeling good and you are completely satisfied with my work. After your massage and you have had time to think about your massage, I would invite you to write a review of your massage. Reviews are a good way to let me know how you enjoyed my massage technique. I really look forward to working with you. Thank You!!!

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