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assage therapy is a wonder tool to help rejuvenate your body when feeling stressed and sore or to combat stress and anxiety and just need to relax.
Whatever reason you have for choosing to purchase a massage, my main goal is to you with a quality, enjoyable experience.


My style of massage will leave you relaxed after every session and yearning for more. It is a truly fulfilling experience that you will be thinking about until the next time you see me. My luxurious and comfortable studio is the perfect atmosphere for you to relax, and my tailored sessions range from full-body to focusing on specific problem areas. Pressure ranges from light, medium, to deep.

My Therapeutic modality is a blend of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point and Stretching to manipulate your soft tissue to relieve you from the symptoms of injury, health conditions, and promote overall wellness. This style includes strokes ranging from long to short, static pressure, and percussive strokes, and will leave you feeling invigorated and renewed.

My optional Sensorial modality can be incorporated to add more excitement to the overall experience. This style is less clinical and includes soft, tender strokes throughout the entire body and will leave you feeling pampered and stimulated.


My safe and discreet private studio is located in North Dallas, a few blocks from the Galleria Mall, in an up-scale gated community. My location has a dedicated massage therapy room which is always clean and includes a private shower for use both for and after the session. I use top quality oils and lotion, scented candles or incense, fresh linens and towels, dim lighting, comfortable temperature, and customized music.

My comfortable massage table includes bolsters to keep pressure off your back and neck, optional extra padding for those who require a plush table, optional heated blanket, and fresh linens and towels.

I also provide beverages ranging from filtered or bottled water, fresh tea or coffee, juices, and wine. Other beverages available upon request. If you plan on purchasing an extended session, I will also provide snacks upon request.

For those requiring Outcall (I travel to you), I provide a massage table, sheets, pillows, bolsters, massage lotion/oil, hand towels, and music. Anything beyond that, you will need to provide.


My timed sessions are in 30-minute blocks and range from one half-hour to two hours. I do not start the clock until you are on my table and I’m ready to work on you.

The session begins with a consultation about your needs and expectations during the massage. We will discuss any health issues you may be experiencing, what areas of your body you’d like focused or avoided, what type of pressure you prefer, and what all modalities you are comfortable with.

Please arrive freshly showered. A hot bath is recommended before a session, which will help loosen your soft tissue, thus cutting down warm-up time and allowing me to access the deeper tissues more quickly. A shower is available for use both before and after the session, and will not cut into your session time.


Draping Policy: Draping is optional. While most clients do prefer to be undraped, I provide high-quality sheets and blankets for those who may request them. I can also provide a heating pad and heated blanket (please request ahead of arrival.)


After your session, it’s very important to drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins that have been released during your massage.

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