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ello, with over 10 years experience, I am trained in most Bodywork Massage modalities with a specialty in Trigger Point Therapy (pain relief). I will show you exercises you can perform at home to improve posture and expedite healing. I offer a comfortable atmosphere with shower facilities. You will be undressed as your body absorbs the warmth from a heated table. Tight back and neck muscles will further melt with the application of hot stones. My massage I offer you includes RELAXING Esalen strokes and heated towel compression. The Massage techniques are varied and complimented with my body pressure on your body to facilitate tight muscle release... will have you coming back for more.. .

Turn Back Time with our Powerderm Dermabrasion Skin Care Facial Peels. Powerderm Dermabrasion is a safe and more cost effective advancement since Microdermabrasion. Our technology removes years of aged skin ,sun damage, scars and wrinkles.

Indulge yourself with an awe-inspiring Aromatic Body Scrub. Infused with Eucalyptus and Lemongrass, this impressive Coconut Sugar Scrub exfoliates dead skin and immerses your skin with plant oils. When the treatment is completed your entire body will feel velvety soft !

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