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t's New York City's most unique brand of total men's Bodywork. Designed specifically for men by a man with more than two decades in the Health and Fitness industry, this is a bodywork experience like no other. The Pro Touch offers one of the most comprehensive deep-tissue bodywork and PNF stretching experiences that you will find anywhere. With a sensitive and intuitive touch, I start each session with a full evaluation to determine your particular trouble spots. After this initial once over, the work begins. I am a gay man who knows how a man's body works. My step-by-step approach will not only hit any specific trouble spots, but it will also connect ALL of the dots, hitting each muscle group to release tension, break down knots and adhesions, and help your body to work like it's supposed to -- and ultimately leave you feeling both relaxed and refreshed. Add to that some fairly intense PNF stretching to loosen all the major muscle groups of both your upper and lower body, and there you have the complete Pro Touch experience. Try it once and you'll be hooked!

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