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am back in New York City and the heart of Hell's Kitchen with my unique brand of total men's Bodywork. This relaxing yet therapeutic bodywork is designed for a man by a man. This is simply the most complete and comprehensive deep-tissue Bodywork that there is. A personal trainer with more than 20 years in the Health and Fitness industry, I am also a gay man who knows how a body works and what the male body needs to feel great and to function optimally. Using a combination of deep tissue work, intense stretching, and a sensitive touch, this work will introduce your body to a sense of calm, relaxation, and wellness that you may not have ever felt before.
In a quiet and peaceful, climate controlled environment, my methodical approach will give each muscle group the attention that it needs. My sensitive and intuitive touch will release tension and stress that you didn't even know your body was holding. It's a deep-tissue Bodywork experience that you won't soon forget, and your body will thank you for it!

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