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have been doing massage for over 10 years now. It is a passion of mine and feel gifted by my hands and the work that I do. Recently went to College and finished my BS Degree in Psychology/ Healthcare Management.

My massages are a blend of many of my various massage modalities. I customize each massage with you in mind. My massages usually involve deep tissue work along with a lot of stretching, and other requests as you see fit. I combine deep tissue, with stretching, Thai massage on the table, Escalen, Lomi Lomi, reflexology, and many others. My intuitive nature knows where to go in deep and yet gentle enough to relax where it is necessary. I always give 100% of my attention into my clients so that they always have the best experience ever.

Massage has many benefits in that it can regulate your blood pressure, detoxifies, reduces medication dependence, promotes more sleep, improves circulation, and helps reduce sleep.

I provide a relaxing and safe atmosphere for all my clients ensuring privacy and discretion. Look forward to serving you soon. Please call or text to get quicker results by calling me at 302-723-1748.


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