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rofessionally trained in massage therapy, my hands are guided with knowledge and intuition which will listen to the body's needs and give it what it needs. Each massage is unique, custom-fitted to resolve concerns and problems ares and has been giving great results for over 4 years. The table is open for any man, woman, gay, strait, or otherwise who wants the bliss that their body deserves.

Whether you want knots out of your back, help take care of an injury, or you just want to unwind & relax, I can take care of you through modalities such as such as trigger point, Swedish, to Russian sports massage, thai, and myofascia release.

To luxuriate your body with the precision, high quality massage I provide may be a sin in some parts of the world, but to me its necessity I think everyone needs especially those with high stress. Remember that almost everything will work when you unplug it and plug it back in, including yourself.

I'll see you soon,

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