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offer a deep healing then relaxing Swedish massage in the comfort of my own private, clean, studio located on 7th avenue between Thomas and Osborn road. I am licensed and have worked in massage therapy on and off for about 12 years.
Candlelight, amenities, privacy, fresh clean linens, beverages, low music, cool air, and a low bed for your comfort and my ease of motion on and around you. Hypoallergenic lotions and oils, my two hands, skin to skin.
The massage begins with what attire makes you the most comfortable and feel free to make that decision for me as well.
First, a check up on the neck, shoulders, spine, hips, and feet focusing on the dissipation of muscle knots caused by stress, poor posture, and working out.
Then a full body rub from head to toe stretching out each of the muscle groups to help with the healing process.
We end with a more personal smooth massage all over that will leave you relaxed, refocused, and satisfied.
My mission: to listen and understand the clients needs/wants and ensure they are addressed.
My goal: to ensure you're more than satisfied about your decision to come.
I work out of the studio as an artist so my hours are very flexible and most likely available when you need it. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Blair

Email him now or call (480) 797-3764