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ive yourself some relaxing down time! Let me lay hands upon your body and ease those aches and pains. Why hold on to the tension? Give yourself a good massage with my attentive touch. I also have experience with other relaxation and mindfulness techniques. I'm happy to craft an experience for your body's needs and give you some tips for releasing tension in your daily life.

I am an attentive practitioner of massage and the stresses of the body. I believe in the acknowledgement of all parts of the body during a massage and I do not use any draping to hide the body during the massage.

I can apply as much pressure as you like during the massage, but ultimately, my massage focuses on a deep relaxation for the body, mind, and spirit. I give attention to the joints and tight spots all while touching the entire body.

If you have a one hour massage, I focus primarily on your back. If you enjoy a 90 minute massage, I am able to work fully both on your back and your front for a full experience of relaxation.

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