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Let's get rid of all that stress of your everyday life.
I specialize in Deep Tissue Massage with Trigger Point Therapy and Swedish. My services I offer are either at my studio or at the convenience of your home. My massage techniques have given Celestial Serenity reviews like; "Best Massage in Town". The bodywork I offer in my Spa environment has provided life changing results for our clients. The HOLISTIC APROACH to health and relaxation I offer is the base of my mission. STRESS IS THE #1 KILLER in the world. Upon request I will also provide stretching of legs, hips, gluts, hamstrings, quads, low back, shoulders arms and chest muscles. The stretching that I provide as a body worker is more than one can do on their own as I am able to get the leverage that one can't get on their own in order to stretch these muscle groups. s, fibromyalgia. While more research is needed, massage therapy has also been shown to improve self-esteem, boost the immune system, increase flexibility and improve sleep. ***Increased Blood Flow*** It's a proven fact that massage increases blood flow through the body allowing oxygen to get to the muscles and organ easier increasing healthier living. ********PLEASE NOTE, IF I DO NOT ANSWER THE PHONE I AM WITH A CLINET. PLEASE SEND ME A TEXT MESSAGE AND I WILL RESPOND AS SOON AS I AND FINISHED WITH CLIENT********

Modalities I offer are Swedish, Sports, Russian Sports, Hot Stone, and reflexology.

I am a friendly Texan, with, strong, warm, hands for the perfect massage. Be ready for me to give the best massage you have ever had.

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