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f you are looking for a powerful and skilled massage therapist, I´m your man. I am 6´1¨, 200 pounds of masculine and muscular energy and strength.I Have 6 years of experience in the fine art of Massage Therapy. I integrate Acupressure, Sport massage, Deep Tissue and Swedish practices in my bodywork; creating a soothing experience. My Massage is truly meant for those looking for a real and professional bodywork. With my intuition, innate power and sensitivity to the needs of a man´s and female's body, I have the unique ability to be able to tune in to the needs of my clients and calibrate each session to what your body needs. I simply pay attention to how your muscles react in my hands and adjust my therapy accordingly. My past clients have experienced real and lasting therapeutic results. This because I encourage feedback and reviews from all of my patients so that I can continue to get better and better. I am intuitive and instinctual when it comes to a man´s body because I believe that massage therapy is a kind of medicine and my hands (along with my muscular body) are the tools I use to deliver that medicine. Book me today to start feeling amazing soon!

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