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oyce is a Nationally Recognized Personal Trainer, Life Coach and Massage Therapist; Licensed in Multiple States USA

-Royce has extensively lived in Asia/South America and traveled the World over, Free Spirit and "Citizen of the World"; having received Holistic Therapies in virtually every part of Europe, the Americas, Middle East and Asia helps heighten his depth of knowledge of the Art that is m4m Massage Therapy, does Travel Internationally as Trainer, Healer and Coach

-Has worked regularly with many American/International Celebrity as well as numerous Professional Athletes (e.g. World Cup Soccer, National Hockey League, National Basketball Association/Miami Heat and Olympic Medalists)

Dedicated to creating the Best in You and leads by example in Himself, Royce will offer Best in the Field. He consulted as Trainer / Therapist with a wide array of very high end Boutique Hotel Spas and Luxury Gyms in Miami Beach and the USA/ Abroad. Besides 16 years in the Fitness and Clinical Massage Therapy field, he also serves as Life Coach, Feng Shui Home/Life Design Consultant, and Nutritional Advisor to 1000s. Very Renaissance-esque, he will take on anything he finds Holistically Beneficial to helping his clients. Guaranteed giving you your Best Bodywork session!

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