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ow is your time to relax and revitalize.

Booking in advance is best.
I can however, at times, accommodate last minute bookings. Late night / early morning bookings aren't impossible.

About your time with me:
Your satisfaction is paramount and it's my only concern when you are on my table. Your massage will be tailored to your needs so that I may provide you with the utmost relaxing and therapeutic experience. When you arrive, I will welcome you into my in-home space with soothing lighting, music, and scents. After a brief assessment your session will begin with a very relaxing scalp and facial massage then we will start with my specially blended aromatic oils/lotion on the rest of your body. Your body is mechanical, your massage shouldn't be. I like to keep things organic and go with the flow. Let my hands find where your body needs to release.

My intuitive mastery of touch will relieve you of all your aches and leave you in a state of bliss.

For outcalls:
You must have enough space for me to set up and move around my table which is 6' by 3'.

Email him now or call