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eatured on Bodybuilding.com, Lift for Life, Facebook Fitness Stars, and others. Matt brings a world-class body to you. Experience the ultimate man for man massage. Matt has worked in several physical therapy clinics and top spas. Feel better than you ever have before. Matt even traveled and lived in different areas of the country to study under the best teachers and bring that benefit to you. The whole point is be taken to a level of relaxation and pleasure that you can't ever achieve on your own. Matt uses his looks and talents to bring you there every time. The response he gets from men is overwhelming and that's why so many men repeat and see him regularly. Read his reviews, they speak louder for him, because they are from actual clients who experienced him up close and personal. His pressure is soothing but not too light where it doesn't feel like anything, but not too deep where it is ever uncomfortable. It's all about doing the right things to ensure the absolute best feeling in your body possible. He will adjust the pressure to fit what you want and need. Get what you want. Matt has a strong but sensitive touch that is great. Have a live sculpture massage you and pose for you. Discreet, clean, very friendly and professional.
In-home personal training is also available.

I customize every massage for the person, and I want you to be totally pleased with your treatment. So be worked on a bodybuilder featured on and other top sites. The photos are truly me and as I really appear. People are always telling me that in person is even better than the photos. Massage should be the ultimate experience. Come and literally feel the difference. I look forward to meeting you.

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