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Hey guys! I'm Dan. I've been offering bodywork to men since 1995. My work is firmly grounded in traditional massage techniques which I've studied over the years, but enhanced with my own creative style and insights. These insights have been gained by working with a variety of body types as well as my own personal experiences within my own body. All types and ages 21 and older are welcome.

I enjoy bringing healing touch to men regardless of body type, age or orientation since we all share essential qualities as members of a common brotherhood. As a man, I experience what it means to inhabit a male body. I feel that allows me to provide a more informed and holistic approach

My studio is between Washington and Dupont Circles, easily accessible by metro from either Foggy Bottom (Blue/Orange/Silver Line), Dupont or Farragut North stations (Red Line). Most people who come to me once come back again which I think is an indication of the quality of my work.

My goals are to make you feel comfortable with me by being as friendly, open-minded and receptive as I can, to listen to and meet your needs to the best of my ability, to provide a pleasant environment, and to provide an experience for you that is both healing and pleasurable.

Perhaps your primary purpose for coming to see me for a session is to relax and ease stress and tightness that your body may be storing. But there are other reasons to receive massage as well, such as just feeling the need for human touch, or to feel more grounded emotionally, or to be made more conscious of your own body, or to overcome your feeling of shame that you may have about your body. Sometimes men find that they prefer the physical strength a male therapist can bring to a session. We will have a short discussion of your issues and needs at the beginning of the session, and I encourage you to express your reasons for seeking bodywork and what you would like to receive from your session. In my 20+ years as a therapist I've just about seen and heard it all, so don't be too embarrassed to tell me what's on your mind. My practice is male-positive, so issues relating specifically to men are received with understanding and acceptance.

I also offer body hair clipping and shaving and body scrubs/showers for no additional charge.

I look forward to our meeting and sharing a time and space of healing and nurturing for you.

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